Our Learning & Development strategies, policies, and initiatives are aimed at building an innovative, market-focused, high performance organization, in order to enhance our organizational capability to win in the market, power new engines of growth and create lasting impressions with all our Clients & Customers.


FERROFAB recognizes that Profit goals and Future Growth goals can be achieved only if People Development goals and Process Development goals are given simultaneous priority.


We help our employees to develop both personally and professionally, we create alignment between work, people and lives - we provide more meaning for people at work, and we also build and strengthen platform and readiness for any amount of skills, processes, and knowledge development that the organization will need.  We believe that developing a learning culture ultimately contributes to the achievements of the organization objectives.





  • Ferrofab Commits to enhance positive work culture by providing equal opportunity to all employees regardless of race, gender, religion, status etc.of an individual.
  • We believe in providing safe and healthy work environment to our employees
  • We are socially and environmentally responsible organization, dedicating ourselves in safeguarding environment.
  • One of our guiding principles is complying with anti corruption laws, which is applicable to all our employees, customers, clients and everyone we do business with.




Ferrofab offers professional and growth oriented work environment. We have a dynamic team, which delivers the highest quality through innovation and dedication. We help our employees to achieve personal and professional goals.

We promise an exclusive prospect to take your career to new heights providing immense opportunities to help you explore your untapped potential. Connect with us and learn more about us today!!!


You can send your cvs to careers@ferrofab.ae

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